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Monday Music

Happy Monday, filthy creatures.

Greens Keepers – Lotion – YouTube

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The Mean Opinion – Gun Control

Arriving at a consensus by averaging only the outliers.

I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about gun control lately, but being no politico myself I didn’t have a good idea of the different sides to the issue. I have a passing knowledge of guns – I’ve shot them before as a kid, supervised of course (and unsupervised, at times). But nothing recently, so I thought I’d hit up the internet for some research and find out what people have been discussing in this lively debate.

Pull the trigger and keep reading

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20 January 2013 – Youth Too Long

ImageThe ship blossomed from the spaceport, beginning the three month journey to Mars. I and the rest of the crew watched from the galley, the inertia of our acceleration holding us firm to the floor. We uncapped the wine and passed it around. I thought of Moira, who didn’t even realize she was waiting for me. Continue reading

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Book Review 3 – Get Jiro!

Get Jiro! by Anthony Bourdain and Joel Rose (writers), Langdon Foss (illustrator) and  Jiro-coverJose Villarubia (colorist)

For the lovers of food, celebrity chefs, samurais and comic books out there: Get Jiro! was written for you. The setting is a future Los Angeles, where society’s richest citizen’s live in the walled-off and guarded Inner Ring of the city. All other forms of entertainment have become passe and withered away, and chefs are the new celebrity royalty. Continue reading

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13 January 2013 – Three Book Reviews

Oh, you’re back. All right then.

This week I have three book reviews. I thought about writing reviews for all the books I read. Not professional quality book reviews, mind you, but a rambling collection of my thoughts on what I’ve read. I was going to do a piece on The Princess Bride for this week (I finished it about two weeks ago), and then finished the next book I was reading, and then a quick graphic novel. So I’m reviewing all three, but I’ll post them individually over the next few days instead of in one lump. So, in the order I read them, let’s begin.

Read my review of The Princess Bride