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Monday Music – Fear: Let’s Have A War

Yes, well maybe I’ll just start calling it Tuesday Music, shall I? No, that won’t sell…

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Story Editing with Grinderman

Spending a day off of work editing some of my recent stories, polishing them up so I can ship them off to find new homes. Editing Red Mold took approximately the length of the album Grinderman 2.


Pharming for Superbugs

Pharming for Superbugs

Interesting, if brief, article on antibiotic-resistant bacteria being found in pig feces. Could you farm resistant bacteria and develop strains to seed into an enemy population to encourage social disruption? Mine them for resistance genes to splice into your lab-grown superbug? Maybe I’m wearing my inner mad scientist on my sleeve, here.

Pig Manure Reveals More Reason To Worry About Antibiotics : The Salt : NPR.

Monday Music

Monday Music: Nick Cave – Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow

We got around four inches of snow here from Captain Winter Storm Nemo, and back home in Michigan they got even more. I always think of this song when we get a heavy snowstorm, a favorite song from a favorite artist off a favorite album, And No More Shall We Part. Happy Monday to all the snowbound. And the rest of you, I guess.

Nick Cave – Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow – YouTube.