Fatherhood, Science Fiction

Interesting experience in contemplating fatherhood. Imagine the classic sci-fi/fantasy trope of the normal guy from our world suddenly confronted by the opportunity to leave our world and go exploring, to other planets or magical realms, see amazing things and have epic adventures across the multiverse. I’d always thought that, should the opportunity present itself, I’d probably end up going. That would be a terribly selfish decision to make, and I know it would be incredibly hurtful to my wife. But at the same time, I don’t know if I could resist the chance to travel to new worlds, to get to see and do things that no other human would have the chance to. I would probably always hate myself for it, but I think I might have gone for it.

Then this morning, I’m on my way to work listening to the Drabblecast, and the feature story (“Snow Day” by Nalo Hopkinson) is basically someone (well, a group of someone’s, and some talking animals, and…well, listen to the story) getting presented with just this kind of situation. And I found myself imagining that I was getting the offer, and I immediately thought “Nope.” The thing that flashed through my mind was my wife and my daughter, and the thought of abandoning them just did not seem like a possibility anymore.

But if they were there with me, I’d drag them along myself!


Sunday Check-In

Weight: 277 (+1 lb)

A disappointing gain this week, but so be it. It’s gonna happen sometimes, and I was expecting it from how lazy I’d been this week. Hey, it was Spring Break and the weather was shitty, I’m only human.

Batman Challenge


Started the Batman Challenge today; gotta admit, Day 29 and Day 30 look real intimidating from here, but I’ll give it a shot and we’ll take it day by day.

It’s been two days since I had a cigarette. I was irritable all yesterday, and today I was distracted and unmotivated all day long. It will be interesting to see how my mood and feelings will change as my body adjusts to the change.

See you next weekend.


Snowed In

Just when we all thought spring was finally here, how about 6 inches of snow? Plans for jogging this morning and disc golf after work are out the window, I guess.

Oh! Forgot to include Sunday’s workouts in yesterday’s check-in.  I doubled up, and did the Rocky Abs and Back and Biceps workouts. Considering the inclement weather, I’ve got my eye on Maximus or Infinity for this afternoon (assuming I still have some kind of motivation left after work). Hey, I’m on Spring Break this week, might as well make use of the extra time!

Rocky Abs Workout     inFamous Workout

Maximus Workout     Infinity Workout

–posted from work please don’t let them know


Sunday Check-In

Weight: 276 (down 2 lbs from last week!)

Weather was nice this week so I got a few games of disc golf in, and managed to motivate myself to work out on a few of the other days, too. Next week is Spring Break, though there will be plenty of studying to be had even though I get a break from classes.


Sunday Check-In

Weight: 278 lbs (down 0.5 lbs from last check-in)

Had a busy couple of weeks, with a trip to Michigan last weekend for back-to-back baby showers followed by getting violently ill from Monday night until Wednesday. Haven’t fit in much exercise, but that’s due as much to morning laziness as anything else.

But hey, went for a run yesterday, and played 9 holes of disc golf today! Now that spring weather is here I’m hoping for an extra jolt of motivation to get movin’ again. Also had some ideas for some short fiction, so hopefully some new stories are in the works.