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Monday Music: Nextwave Theme Song

Happy Monday, humans of Earth. I come bearing Nextwave. Don’t say I never gave you anything.


Sunday Check In

Weight: 276.5…or 272…

The last couple of weeks I’ve weighed myself on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Sunday has been my weigh-in day, but I noticed a jump from Saturday to Sunday. I also noticed the last few weeks that Saturday night tends to be the night that we do something special, like get take out or go out to eat, dinner-and-a-movie, that kinda thing. So I’m thinking of switching my weigh-in day to Saturday mornings instead of Sunday. It might not ultimately make a difference in the long run, but for now it would prevent me from feeling like I’m being punished at the weigh-in for a single night of take out/eating out.

Or maybe I should just take this as a sign to not get take out or go out to eat. Well, I could do that, but if I’m not going to enjoy some of the simple pleasures in life, what’s the point? I think I might actually be a bad role model. But that’s not why people read this. Wait…why are you reading this?

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Sunday Check In

Weight: 277.5 (-0.5 lbs since last week)

Had the in-laws in town to visit this weekend. They brought the rest of the gifts from our baby shower that we couldn’t bring back with us last time, plus the cradle they used for Christy when she was born. So now we have a cradle in our bedroom.

Shit’s getting real around here.


That’s Ziggy. He’s been throwing up about every 5 minutes for the last hour. (Hopefully that will teach him not to eat tennis balls). Internet’s down, too, which is why I’m writing this on my phone.

Yes, my private wireless internet service is having a short lapse in operation, so rather than using the beefy desktop computer, I’m forced to use my handheld computer which will use orbital satellites to make this information (banal as it is) publicly available to millions of people.

So all told, I don’t really have much to complain about.

See you around.


Sunday Check-in

Weight: 278…278?!

I’m actually not upset by this (or at least not as much as I should). I weighed myself yesterday – a day early, I know, but I’d had a good week and wanted to know where I was at. Yesterday it was 273.5. Awesome! Then, my lovely wife surprised me with a birthday dinner at Publican. You guys. This place. Holy mackerel.

So today I end up being +1.5 lbs for the week, because my wife wanted to treat me to an amazing dinner for my birthday and to celebrate getting accepted to my grad program. Totally worth it.

Oh yeah, that was my other big news! Starting August 24th, I will be a student in the masters-level bioengineering program at UIC! I’ve been working toward this for the last two years, and I am stoked that I got in. Let me tell you, I am super intimidated by this program. Guess it’s gonna be time for me to put up or shut up; I sure hope I’m as smart as I think I am…

Until next time, True Believers!