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The Wreck of the Xavier

“Our name for them is difficult to translate,” Voorh said. “They are somewhat like…what do you call those things, they live in your oceans, and they do little besides swim and eat and reproduce, they are a perfect predator?”

“Ummm…sharks?” Henson said.

“Yes, sharks!” Voorh said, a smile breaking out on his damp gray face as the ship shuddered from an impact. Continue reading


Mornings With The Munchkin


Had a long night last night; we’re dealing with Molly’s first full-blown case of diaper rash. This morning, though, when Christy said she heard me get up, and watched the bedroom door until I came out and then gave me a big ol’ smile? That shit never gets old.

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The Gravity Gun

When the Zhitht’laxon first made themselves known to the human beings of Earth, they were like gods among us. Two hundred years of science fiction had prepared us for the arrival of these benevolent visitors, and the news of first contact caused only a minimum amount of panic. They were to usher in a new Golden Age for the Earth, as they showed us the wonders of their technological achievements. The Zhitht left behind ambassadors and a diplomatic space station that defied our understanding of physics. They mentored the most brilliant among us to raise our primitive species from the muddy depths of our history. Continue reading

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2016: New Year, New Projects

-or- How This Blog Is Becoming A Catalog Of My Failures

Ok, maybe that’s a little dramatic. But it occurred to me, as I thought about writing this post, that looking back through the history here looks like a series of well-intentioned projects that I failed to keep up with. Which is partially true. But there is an inherent value in perseverance, so here I am again. Hi there! Been awhile. Anyone listening? Good, I’d be nervous if you were.

(Does it still count as talking to yourself if you’re doing it in writing?) Continue reading