Mornings With The Munchkin


Had a long night last night; we’re dealing with Molly’s first full-blown case of diaper rash. This morning, though, when Christy said she heard me get up, and watched the bedroom door until I came out and then gave me a big ol’ smile? That shit never gets old.

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Sunday Check In

Weight: 277.5 (-0.5 lbs since last week)

Had the in-laws in town to visit this weekend. They brought the rest of the gifts from our baby shower that we couldn’t bring back with us last time, plus the cradle they used for Christy when she was born. So now we have a cradle in our bedroom.

Shit’s getting real around here.


That’s Ziggy. He’s been throwing up about every 5 minutes for the last hour. (Hopefully that will teach him not to eat tennis balls). Internet’s down, too, which is why I’m writing this on my phone.

Yes, my private wireless internet service is having a short lapse in operation, so rather than using the beefy desktop computer, I’m forced to use my handheld computer which will use orbital satellites to make this information (banal as it is) publicly available to millions of people.

So all told, I don’t really have much to complain about.

See you around.

Fatherhood, Science Fiction

Interesting experience in contemplating fatherhood. Imagine the classic sci-fi/fantasy trope of the normal guy from our world suddenly confronted by the opportunity to leave our world and go exploring, to other planets or magical realms, see amazing things and have epic adventures across the multiverse. I’d always thought that, should the opportunity present itself, I’d probably end up going. That would be a terribly selfish decision to make, and I know it would be incredibly hurtful to my wife. But at the same time, I don’t know if I could resist the chance to travel to new worlds, to get to see and do things that no other human would have the chance to. I would probably always hate myself for it, but I think I might have gone for it.

Then this morning, I’m on my way to work listening to the Drabblecast, and the feature story (“Snow Day” by Nalo Hopkinson) is basically someone (well, a group of someone’s, and some talking animals, and…well, listen to the story) getting presented with just this kind of situation. And I found myself imagining that I was getting the offer, and I immediately thought “Nope.” The thing that flashed through my mind was my wife and my daughter, and the thought of abandoning them just did not seem like a possibility anymore.

But if they were there with me, I’d drag them along myself!