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Shoulda Had Her Pixel Chip Running

“Did you hear about Kayleigh?”

“No, what?”

“She got on TV!”

“Oh man, bummer.”

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The Gravity Gun

When the Zhitht’laxon first made themselves known to the human beings of Earth, they were like gods among us. Two hundred years of science fiction had prepared us for the arrival of these benevolent visitors, and the news of first contact caused only a minimum amount of panic. They were to usher in a new Golden Age for the Earth, as they showed us the wonders of their technological achievements. The Zhitht left behind ambassadors and a diplomatic space station that defied our understanding of physics. They mentored the most brilliant among us to raise our primitive species from the muddy depths of our history. Continue reading

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Weeks 8-10: Ghosts of Dogshead

1937 Rytecraft Scoota-Car with Sabu
1937 Rytecraft Scoota-Car with Sabu (Photo credit: aldenjewell)

Hello again, sorry I went silent there for a little bit. My life got extra busy all of a sudden with new employees being hired at work, and having to train them/prepare training tasks and instructions and resources, etc. In the interest of full disclosure, Anathem by Neal Stephenson also contributed substantially to my delinquency. I’m going to the book a few years late for the general zeitgeist, but it was still a hell of a read.


Even though I’ve been quiet, I haven’t been idle! So today, here’s about 3,400 words on my latest venture, a little tale I’m calling Ghosts of Dogshead.


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20 January 2013 – Youth Too Long

ImageThe ship blossomed from the spaceport, beginning the three month journey to Mars. I and the rest of the crew watched from the galley, the inertia of our acceleration holding us firm to the floor. We uncapped the wine and passed it around. I thought of Moira, who didn’t even realize she was waiting for me. Continue reading